Gift her a Beautiful White Marble Jewellery Pendant carved with Peacock Feather design

Gift her a Beautiful White Marble Jewelry Pendant carved with Peacock Feather design

Finding the right gift will always be a difficult and hard task to do, especially if you are about to buy a gift for women. Literally, it is impossible to gift a female that can satisfy her completely however, when it comes to listing the favorite items loved by females Jewelry grabs the first position. It’s really hard to find women who don’t like jewels.

Many might think Gold and Diamond when it comes to buying Jewels for women. However, you can surprise your girl by gifting her beautiful Necklace made from decorative stone Marble inlaid with precious stones or with any traditional artwork.

Marble Jewelry

Marble without any doubt it one among the most precious naturally available decorative stone, the usage of marble point’s way back of ancient timings. Right from ancient times, marble stone used as an architectural element and to decorate the walls/interiors of the home.

In nature, marble available in different types with different properties however, in most cases all those types are used for architecture and for decorative cravings. As many thinks, not all types of marble come in white color. Yes! You heard it right, you can find decorative marble stone in a variety of colors like red, blue, green, and so.

Modern fashion designers prefer marble stone to create antique jewelry which replicates the ancient lifestyle, also marble necklace that comes with impressive artworks along with the inlaid crystals or precious stones like Gemstone, Malachite, and so represent the modern styles.

Why prefer Marble Jewelry?

Well, this might be the common question among those people who love to purchase gold, diamond or platinum jewels. To be frank, when compared with all other material, marble stones have countless benefits, though it is mostly used in the construction field still it is among the best material to build unique antique jewelry.

When we look into the history of mankind, decorative stones like marble positioned the important place that gold, diamond, and platinum. Ever since marble invented, it has become the inevitable decorative element in all aspect. Wearing marble jewelry will give you a stylish and unique look that will surely attract the viewers and you will be a trendsetter among your close circle.

Benefits of Marble

Among several benefits of the natural decorative stone marble, here are the lists of 4 vital benefits listed below.

  1. Marble is a Unique Material
  2. Marble possess high resistance that can’t get impact from weather
  3. Marble Stones available in a variety of colors, striations, and grains
  4. Marble is a Multi-Purpose stone that creates different ambiances

Where to buy quality Marble Jewelry?

As we are living in the digital era, opting online mode of shopping would be the right option. In fact, online shopping gives you the option of comparison from other sellers and pick the best one that comes with an affordable price tag. However, engaging with legitimate sellers like would yield you a better outcome in terms of the Marble jewelry quality.

Despite being a manufacturer of marble inlay products, artefactindia is one of the pioneer resellers in the field of marble inlay products.

Why Artefactindia?

Artefactindia is one among the most reputed marble inlay product manufacturer from India; they are in the field for more than 4 decades without losing the trust factor from their consumers. Since they always deliver quality product along with the best service, they successfully managed to position in the top list of Marble inlay product manufacturers.  

All the marble inlay products of artefactindia are fully handcrafted and carefully designed under strict quality control; it’s the main reason behind the outstanding performance of the artefactindia in the marble inlay product market.

The artisans of artefactindia are vastly experienced and from the artisan family backgrounds whose ancestors worked in the construction of the world famous love momentum Taj Mahal. So, they are highly capable of creating unique and attractive marble inlay products.

The Marble inlay Jewelry crafted by the artisans of artefactindia comes in a variety of shapes, size, and inlaid with various precious/semi-precious stones in order to add elegance to its look.

List of few inlay jewelry from Artefactindia

  • Black Onyx Jewelry Necklace Inlaid With Semi Precious Gemstones Floral Inlay Art Work
  • Antique Jewelry For Girls Beautiful Necklace Inlaid With Semi Precious Gemstones
  • White Marble Inlaid With Semi Precious Gemstones Handmade Jewelry
  • White Marble Jewelry Necklace Inlaid With Semi Precious Gemstones Hand Carved Peacock Feather Design Pendant
  • Unique Pendant White Onyx Inlaid With Semi Precious Gemstones
  • Handmade Necklace inlaid with semi-precious gemstones with a unique piece for girls pendant floral design work
  • Handmade Floral Pendant Necklace White Onyx Inlaid With Semi Precious Gemstones
  • Marble Inlay Jewelry Necklace With Decorative Pendant Inlaid Semi Precious Gemstones Malachite


Bottom Line

Wondering about shipping policy of Artefactindia! Well, unlike other manufacturer and resellers of marble inlay products Artefactindia ships their items worldwide via trusted international couriers like DHL, FedEx, and so either by sea or sky. All the items dispatched from artefactindia are fully insured that covers the transportation risk and damages during the transit. 


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