Taj Mahal and its marble inlay art

Taj Mahal is a visible love symbol of the mughal emperor Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz.  It constructed in the memory of Shah Jahan’s beloved wife Mumtaz, still the site represented as the world wonder and considered as the love symbol.

Architecture of Taj Mahal

Apart from portraying the memorable architectural skills of mughals who ruled India in past, the beautiful architecture of TajMahal has made it as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The quality of architectural execution and decoration came to limelight because of the incrustations of precious and decorative stones.

The external decorations of the Taj Mahal are the perfect example for the beautiful Mughal Art.  The Marble Inlay art of the Taj Mahal is a masterpiece and it will be an eye grabbing decorative element. In the art world, the technical name of the artwork carried in the Taj mahal is Pietra Dura.

Pietra Dura Technique

The term Pietra Dura derived from the Italian art world with the meaning of Hard Rocks or Hard Stones, in Indian sub-continent the technique referred as Parchin Kari.

The inlay art technique Pietra Dura includes cutting, fitting, polishing and drawing pictures on the colored stones. In most cases, the natural decorative stone Marble used under this Pietra Dura inlay art technique.

The pietra dura art-technique, which used to build Taj Mahal, consists of Floral or Calligraphic inlays. The artwork of Taj Mahal is purely handmade by the highly skilled artisans.  To be frank, the inlay artwork of Taj Mahal considered as the Crown of Indian Marble Inlay works.

Specialty of Taj Mahal Architecture

In Arabic language, the word Taj Mahal referred as the Crown of Palaces. The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan wanted to highlight his love on this third wife Mumtaz after her death. On fulfilling that, the Taj Mahal one of the most significant and most beautiful Mughal empire architectural marvels constructed on the banks of river Yamuna in Agra.

The crown of palaces Taj Mahal constructed with four long splendors with each 55 meters height. The presence of the marble dome in Taj Mahal creates an extra ordinary impression while viewing. With the height of 35 meters, the marble dome resembles the shape of Onion. To be frank, the marble dome along with the 4 long splendors gives us the worthy sightseeing structure. 

Interesting Facts about Taj Mahal and its Architecture

·         The collective numbers of workers including laborers, painters, embroidery artists, stonecutters and so crosses over 22,000 for constructing the Taj Mahal.

·         The color changing chromaticities marbles in Taj Mahal represents the changing moods of the emperor Shan Jahan’s wife mumtaz. The color of the chromaticity marbles turns pinkish during morning, milky white at evening and in golden color during night hours under the moonlight.

·         To complete the entire architectural work of constructing Taj Mahal took 17 years and the emperor planned to construct another Taj Mahal in Black Color across the river Yamuna, later it was interrupted by the emperor sons.

·         Taj Mahal one among the prime visiting spot for tourists and a famous Indian landmark for people all over the world, because of its architectural work.

Many of the inlayed precious stones on the walls of Taj Mahal were ripped by the British army during the Indian rebellion took on 1857. 

The families of the artisan who carried the art work for constructing the Taj Mahal is still living the Agra City and continue their art works. Even today, there are several Taj Mahal marble inlay works carried by artisan family members.

On knowing importance of carrying the marble inlay work in handmade, the artisans carry their inlay work by their own hands and resembles the purity of ancient art works. The leaders in marble inlays, M K handicrafts works with such artisans from Agra city and sells the inlay hand-crafted products with the pietra dura techniques in the online store artefactindia.com.

The M K handicrafts took innovative steps to reach the marble inlay artwork carried by the local artisans of Agra city to worldwide via online.


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