Marble Inlay Handmade Jewelry for Girls

Marble Inlay Handmade Jewelry for Girls

Jewelry is one among the inevitable accessories for girls/women in the country like India. To be frank, India is the only country which imports a high number of golds each year. This is mainly because of the traditional link between gold jewelry and girls/women of India, Indian loves to purchase gold jewels. Now, in this fashion world, things are getting change thick and fast. These days having handmade marble inlay Jewelry is the latest trend worldwide, when it comes to fashion or decorative marble stones are hard to ignore.

Marble inlay comprises of a wide range of techniques in sculpture and decorative arts. This includes inserting different pieces of contrasting colored materials into a depressed base or matrix. This method is used for creating handmade marble inlay jewelry. One such example is the “Pietra dura” used for detailed contrasting semi-precious stones made in Europe.  

What Is Inlay Jewelry?

Traditional jewelry is made using prongs and holds. Meanwhile, inlay jewelry is made after cutting various gemstones and setting them in designed channels. These channels are of the same shape of the cut gemstones that are placed and held using glue. 

History of Marble Inlay work in India

Marble inlay work India was carried out mainly in the whole of Rajasthan and Agra in Uttar Pradesh. Earlier, the inlay works were carried out on marble table tops, flooring and wall decorations. The marble inlay work in India was known as “Prachin Kari” work.

The work involved minute and precise inlay work that was expensive with extensive labor. This craft flourished and reached its summit in the medieval era during the Mughal dynasty. This marble inlay work in India was predominately used for constructing the famous Taj Mahal.

Inlay Jewelry Care and Maintenance

You need to know how to take care of the inlay jewelry. Since the inlay jewelry is made with glue, it is recommended to take precautions before using water. Remove the jewelry before washing dishes, bathing, shower or whenever it can get wet.

Avoid using chemicals like hand and body lotions, and the thing that can react with the marble.  Marble acts with acids like vinegar, citric acids, and other domestic cleansers. Careful not to cause banging or sudden impact can damage the stones. 

Where to buy Marble Inlay Handmade Jewelry?

We are living in the digitalized world, where everything can be purchased right from our Smartphone. Online shopping is the most preferred mode of buying Marble inlay jewelry. Approaching trustworthy sites like Artefactindia would be a wise choice.

Apart from easiness, online shopping gives you the advantage of comparison and to avail special discounts and cash offers via coupons/promo codes. Seller Artefactindia is the legend when it comes to manufacturing and distributing the marble inlay decor items worldwide.

The specialty of Buying Marble Inlay Handmade Jewelry from Artefactindia

Artefactindia in this marble inlay product manufacturing field for more than 40 years and those works only with the experienced artisans who are from the ancestor background of working during the Taj Mahal construction.  

Unlike other sellers, Artefactindia functions with the motto of selling quality products for affordable rates. In addition, all the items which they transit are insured so consumers no need to worry about transportation damage.

List of Some of the Marble Inlay Handmade Jewelry from Artefactindia

·         Antique Jewelry For Girls Beautiful Necklace Inlaid With Semi Precious Gemstones

·         Black Onyx Jewelry Necklace Inlaid With Semi Precious Gemstones Floral Inlay Art Work

·         Unique Pendant White Onyx Inlaid With Semi Precious Gemstones

·         Women necklace inlaid with semi-precious gemstones

·         White Marble Jewelry Necklace Inlaid With Semi Precious Gemstones

·         White Marble Inlaid With Semi Precious Gemstones

·         Floral Pendant Necklace White Onyx Inlaid With Semi Precious Gemstones

·         Stone women necklace inlaid with semi-precious gemstones

Marble inlay handmade jewelry can be purchased as a gift for your wife or loved one. You can purchase online or when you visit Rajasthan or Agra in India. Artefactindia is the best place where you can get all those cultural Marble Inlay Handmade Jewelry. 


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