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Marble Inlay Jewelry Box

Jewels are the most precious thing for women all over the world. In fact, it is one of the valuable item that one can purchase or gift on a special occasion. On considering the significance and worth of the jewels, it is best to keep them safe and secure.

Apart from the material value, jewels are sentimental value for women. Such precious women’s treasure thing should be keep safely inside the Jewelry box that needs to a strong and durable one.

Handmade Jewellry Storage Box

When it comes to jewelry box, it should match the value of the jewels that we put inside for safety purpose. Apart from being a safety thing, a perfect jewelry box should be an attractive item. And when it comes to attractive none other than natural stone, marble hits list in first place. The indian marble jewelry boxes are the mostly preferred decorative box by many people all over the world.

Artefactindia is the leader when it comes to manufacturing marble inlay products. Over the years, Artefactindia manages to deliver the skillful combination of consummate craftsmanship products with excellent quality. All the marble inlay products including the marble inlay jewelry box fully made from artisans by their own hands.

Marble Inlay Products Produced by Artefactindia

* Home Decorative:- Flower Vases, Fruit Bowls, Marble Inlay Tiles, Pen/Candle Holders, Photo Frames, Wall Plates, Serving Trays, Trivets/Cheese Boards.

* Marble Inlay Table Tops:- Coffee Tables, Dining Tables, Patio Tables and Side Tables

* Marble Inlay Boxes:- Jewelry Boxes, Ring Boxes and Trinket Boxes

* Marble Figurines:- Elephants, Buddha and Ganesha

* Coaster

* Chess Boards/Backgammon

Among those products, the marble inlay jewelry boxes, ring boxes, and trinket boxes fully made by the decorative stone Indian marble after proved to be the finest quality.


Marble Inlay Jewelry Boxes from Artefactindia

Unlike ordinary jewel boxes, the Marble Inlay Jewelry boxes from Artefactindia are handmade boxes from the experienced artisans. The handmade India marble Jewelry box from Artefactindia carefully designed and the artisans who are in the Artisanship from generation to generation carve it.

The difference between handmade indian marble jewelry box of Artefactindia and others is something that is hard to measure at a glance. Artefactindia jewelry boxes glazed to perfection by the skillful artisans and it comes in different colors. In fact, marble jewelry boxes from Artefactindia are inlaid with precious stones and semiprecious strong and real gemstones.

Few Indian Marble Jewelry Boxes of Artefactindia

* Handmade Octagonal White Marble Decorative Jewelry Box

* Octagonal White Unique Jewelry Boxes Pietra Dura Art Piece

* Octagonal White Indian Marble Jewelry Box Inlaid With Semiprecious Gemstones

* Rectangular White Jewelry Box Pietra Dura Art

* Beautiful Decorative Tabletop Jewelry Box Pietra Dura Lapis lazuli

* Beautiful Floral Decorative Jewelry Box Inlaid Semiprecious Gemstone

* Indian Peacock Inlay Antique Jewelry Box Pietra Dura

* Handmade Marble Rectangular Box Inlaid Lapislazuli

* Unique Marble Box Inlaid Lapislazuli Gemstone

* Beautiful Design White Marble Box Inlaid Mother of Pearl

* Round Black Marble Inlay Box with Pietra Dura Art

There are many handmade marble inlaid jewelry boxes are available in the market, however, the boxes that are manufactured by the Artefactindia are unique and certainly stands out when compared with all other armoire jewelry boxes in the market.

If you are opting to purchase the cheap jewelry boxes from the market, then you need to aware of the fact that cheap and flimsy box can tarnish your jewels faster. In fact, the inlay boxes of the Artefactindia are available at affordable rates. Being a wholesale seller, retailer, the Artefactindia offers their quality products for such affordable rates.

Why to Choose Artefactindia?

Artefactindia works with the creative team of professionals who has the ability to reflect the Indian culture and heritage on their every piece of carving workmanship. In the official website of Artefactindia, one can able to view all the exclusive collections of marble inlay products.

Under the strict quality controls and with the experienced workforce, artefactindia manages to sustain in this filed over their years. With the innovative thinking of sculptors and artisans of artefactindia, they successfully managed to exports a variety of products all over the world. 


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