White Marble Art Small Round Jewelry Box for Rings

Over the years, jewelry is the most precious items for women. Apart from being in the favor for all women, Jewelry is one of the favorite gifting items for all, especially for the occasion like wedding and so. No matter what so ever jewelry has been the treasure for many. Holding such precious items should be very special; in today’s market, you can find a variety of jewelry boxes with a custom design.

In most occasions, jewelry boxes would be emotional and intrinsic value for the many users, since it holds the most precious jewels with it. To be frank, if you are in search of a perfect gift for your loved one, a decorative jewel box or marble trinket box would be a perfect choice.

Marble Inlay Jewelry Box

Just like the Jewels, picking the right jewelry box too important. It should be a well-made sturdy box since it going to hold your treasure safe. When it comes to choosing the right jewel box, the first thing must be aware of what kind of jewels it going to hold, it would be the deciding factor on picking ring box or Jewel box.  

It is best to go for the jewelry box that matches the holding jewels like rings, bracelets, watches or any other trinkets. At the same time, Jewelry box should be durable and strong enough to provide enough safety to the valuables it holds.

Modern women prefer stylish and decorative jewelry box in such cases, preferring the natural attractive stone Marble would be a perfect choice. Marble carved into different shape and size to manufacture a wide range of marble jewelry box and marble ring box.

Artefactindia one of the leader when it comes to manufacturing marble inlay products, delivers high-quality decorative marble jewel boxes and marble trinket box. Unlike other manufacturers, Artefactindia manufacture their products with fully handcrafted by the expertise artisans from the lands of cultural rich Rajasthan and Agra cities of India. The versatile antique products from Artefactindia manufactured under strict quality control and by the experienced workforce.

Marble Inlay Products from Artefactindia

The handmade marble ring box and marble jewelry boxes from Artefactindia are the perfect examples of high-quality craftsmanship. All the inlay products of marble from the manufacture Artefactindia designed with care by the skillful artisans and the products can be the one among the buyer’s family heirloom for generations.

Some of the popular marble inlay products manufactured by the expert artisans of Artefactindia listed category wise.

·         Home Decorative:- Flower Vases, Fruit Bowls, Marble Inlay Tiles, Pen/Candle Holders, Photo Frames, Wall Plates, Serving Trays, Trivets/Cheese Boards.

·         Marble Inlay Tables:- Coffee Tables, Dining Tables, Patio Tables, and Side Tables

·         Marble Inlay Boxes:- Jewelry Boxes, Ring Boxes, and Trinket Boxes

·         Marble Figurines:- Elephants, Buddha and Ganesha

·         Coaster

·         Chess Boards/Backgammon

The ring box, Jewelry box and Trinket box from the Artefactindia are world famous because of its attractiveness and high durability. To be frank, these high-quality well-carved marble inlay boxes from Artefactindia would be the perfect choice for gifting. These boxes come with affordable price and suits well for those who are looking for the unique antique gifts under their budget.

Lists of Few Marble Ring Boxes from Artefactindia

·         Carnelian Gemstone Inlaid Pink Marble Handmade Ring Box

·         Handmade Floral Design Inlaid White Marble Trinket Box

·         Handmade White Marble Trinket Box Inlaid Carnelian Gemstone

·         Marquetry Art Inlay White Marble Ring Storage Box

·         Mosaic Art Inlay White Marble Ring Box

·         White Marble Ring Storage Box Inlaid Real Gemstones

·         Handmade Jewelry Storage Box Inlaid Semiprecious Stones

·         Floral Design Inlaid Handmade White Marble Ring Storage Box

·         Multi Precious Stones Inlaid White Marble Jewelry Box

·         Round Jewelry Storage Box Inlaid Malachite Gemstone

In order to enhance the elegance of the marble ring box and marble jewelry boxes, the artisans of Artefactindia prefer to inlay those with precious and semi-precious stones. Owing to that, these boxes would be perfect to be placed as decorative items on your dressing table.


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