Hand Crafted Pietra Dura Art Inlay Marble Jewelry Box

Marble Inlay Boxes and Their Reach

With more than 4 decades of experience in the field of Marble Inlay work, the Artefactindia has emerged as the leader in marble inlay handicrafts products. Our vision is to support the local artisan who expertise in creating the dying art, marble inlay handicraft. Owing to that, Artefactindia tie-up with various artists from the city Agra where the marble inlay work is so popular.

Our Marble Inlay Work

Among several products of Marble Inlay, work created by the skilled artisans of Artefactindia offers a wide range of marble inlay boxes, which is matchless in quality, and it is unique. Our team of artists is truly professional and highly experienced person, who capable of displaying their artistic skills through their workmanship. Our range of Marble Inlay boxes carefully carved and designed in such a way that people all over the world can like it.

Our Specialty

* Associated with around 117 families, Artefactindia manufactures handmade marble inlay items.

* We provide hassle free online shopping service to our clients, all our range of Marble inlay products listed on our official site.

* All our marble inlay exquisite boxes will enhance the values of your precious jewelry or any other valuables when kept inside.

* Price tags of all the marble inlay items of Artefactindia are affordable and highly competitive in the market.

Marble Inlay Boxes

Inlay boxes, which manufactured by the artists of Artefactindia, come with a variety of designs, shapes, and it includes various inlaid precious or semiprecious stones for decorative purpose. Our highly trained sculptors’ uses modern techniques along with handmade crafting techniques in order to ensure about inlay box from not losing its quality and classic look.

Under the marble inlay boxes category, we offer two products

* Marble Inlay Jewelry Box

* Marble Ring Box


1. Marble Inlay Jewelry Box

Our marble Inlay Jewelry boxes posses good market value all over the world. Our sculptors ensure that the marble inlay jewelry box showcase the uniqueness of Indian craftsmanship. All the inlay jewelry boxes of the Artefactindia are purely handmade and inlaid with various precious stones like Gemstones or any other real stones. The custom designed inlay jewelry boxes of Artefactindia provide are sufficient space where you can place all your precious jewels safely.

Here are the few types of Boxes you can purchase from us under the Marble Inlay Jewelry box category.

* Decorative Tabletop Jewelry Box

* Floral Decorative box inlaid with stones

* White Marble Decorative Box

* Gemstone Inlaid Pink Marble Handmade box

* Decorative Rectangular White Jewelry Box

* Malachite inlaid Decorative antique Jewelry Box

* Octagonal shaped marble Inlay Jewelry Box


2. Marble Ring Box

Our artisans manufacture the Marble Ring box with a single piece of marble stone. This marvelous piece of marble ring box can be used as the Jewelry Storage, or decorative thing and it can able be a perfect gifting items to your loved friends.  The versatile unique Marble Ring Box manufactured by our vastly trained Agra based Sculptors comes with variety of shapes, colors and also inlaid with various decorative precious or semiprecious stones like Jasper, Carnelian, Paua Shell, Turquoise, Lapis lazuli Gemstones and so.

Here are the few types of Boxes you can purchase from us under the Marble Inlay Ring box category.

* Floral Designed Inlay Marble Ring Box

* Marquetry Art Trinket Box

* Mosaic Art Trinket Box

* Handmade Ring box inlaid with semiprecious stones

* Multi Precious Stone Inlaid Ring Box

We are the wholesale seller, retailer and exporter of marble inlay handicraft items, which are manufactured by the expertise Agra, based artisans. The exported items by us reach clients worldwide through trustable courier service.


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