• Review Add on:19/09/2018
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I do appreciate very much your workmanship. Very Beautiful flower design in tea coaster. Thank you.

Author:John Dean

Feel Like Royal My Father Enjoy It.

  • Review Add on:12/03/2019
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i was searching unique and antique chess board game set for my father on his bday gift. realy its so beautiful when i open it at my home. 100% handmade and used fine gemstones specialy lapislazuli. thanks to artefactindia such a beautiful antique art chess board.
have a great day
John Dean



  • Review Add on:12/03/2019
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1. Its unique and antique
2.handmade marble craft
3.semiprecious stones are so nice
sorry for delay feedback i was traveling
really thank to guys your art piece is so beautiful fast shipping by FedEx. its came safely at my home.
Thank you .

Author:Benny fishmen

Floral design coaster for my new furniture table top

  • Review Add on:04/03/2019
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These coasters are exactly what I wanted to go with my new furniture. Floral design and inlaid stones great handicraft work
quick shipping with good packing.
thank to artefactindia
Benny fishmen
from usa


absolutely love these coasters

  • Review Add on:06/02/2019
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Me and my family absolutely love these coasters. And the coaster set that comes with them adds a touch of class. it easy and looks decorative when they’re stacked. Wonderful! These have a permanent spot on our living room table.
thank you artefactindia
alicia from usa


Indian art

  • Review Add on:08/03/2019
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It's nicely carved , and you can see Indian art in this item , really appreciate there work ,they could add light fixture to make more elligent
thank you artefactindia

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