Zardozi Embroidery Wall Hanging Art work for home decor

Zardozi Embroidery Wall Hanging Artwork for home decor

Zardozi is the combination of 2 Persian words - “Zar or Zarin” meaning gold and “dozi” meaning work. Zardozi is metal (gold, silver, beads, stones, pearls) embroidery on silk, satin or velvet fabric. Zardozi was popular in Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Central Asia, India, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Pakistan, and Turkey.  

Why prefer Wall Art as Interior Design?

It is very challenging to select the most suitable wall color. Instead, choose a wall art having a dominant color with 2-3 complementary shades. Ensure the size of the wall art is larger than all the furniture of the room. Use the Zardozi canvas as the wall hanging to attract as the focal point. 

About Zardozi Embroidery Artwork

During the Mughal dynasty, Agra was the center of arts - calligraphy, carving, dance, embroidery work, jewelry, music, paintings, rug making, stonework; stone inlay work, and tessellated work. The craftsmen used Zardozi embroidery on gowns, clothes, and dresses of royal ladies of the Harem. The tents were decorated using the canvases made of Zardozi.

Well, right from the ancient time, Embroidery artwork is pretty famous in the country like India. Even in these modern times too, women in almost every homes prefer to wear clothes with embroidery work. Just as many think Zardozi Embroidery Art is not as easy as anyone to make it at ease.

Artefactindia one of the well famous marble inlay product manufacturers in India offers wall hanging decorative artwork for home and office made up of Zardozi Embroidery Art. All the wall hanging made by the artisans of Artefactindia are carefully designed which can be a perfect decorative element for the home interior and as well as commercial buildings.

How to Zardozi Embroidery Art Work done in Artefactindia?

A wooden framework or “addaa” is used to stretch the fabric onto which the design is traced. Well experienced craftsmen of Artefactindia sit around the addaa with curved hooks and needles. They use gold, silver, copper wires, metal pieces (sequins, spangles, and stars), beads, glass pieces and threads (dabkaa and kasab).

The craftsmen of Artefactindia use hooks and needles and pull out each element in the design and stitch the same into the main fabric. Most experienced craftsmen require patience to complete the work in one or more days.

Some of the popular Zardozi Embroidery Wall Hanging Arts from Artefactindia

·         Beautiful Birds Design Zardozi Embroidery Wall Hanging Panel

·         Embroidery Panel Peacock Golden Thread

·         Embroidery Wall Hanging Panel Parrot Design Fine Thread Work

·         Handmade Wall Hanging Panel Zardozi Embroidery Lian Design Work

·         Wall hanging Panel Embroidery Work Fine Thread Craft On Cloth Flower Vase Design

·         Embroidery Wall Panel Tajmahal Silk Thread

·         Embroidery Wall Panel Bird Silk Thread

·         Embroidery Wall Artwork For Living Room Bedroom Home Decoration

All those wall handing artwork crafted manually by vastly experienced artisans of Artefactindia. Unlike the other sellers, Artefactindia works on the motto of selling quality products for affordable rates. They are in this decorative field for more than 4 decades and they are a pioneer when it comes to manufacturing the marble inlay decorative products.  


There is no doubt Zardozi embroidered wall art would be an heirloom and great to possess. In India, Zardozi work is still carried out in Lucknow, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kashmir, and Ajmer. You can make to order or purchase authentic work for hanging as wall art at home. 

In fact, Artefactindia ships their products worldwide through the trusted couriers. Customers can gain the benefit of transportation insurance for the products shipped by Artefactindia. To know more about the service and to talk to the customer support person of Artefactindia dial +919557221114. 


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